Product Dimensions

HxLxW: 255 x 30 x 60 in

Weight: 15 lbs

$ 24.95$ 199.95


Product features

Advanced Tubing System

Qclone employs a patent pending ATS that prevents the merging of the clones rooting system with other clones. With this technology, you are now able to maximize on your working area; all our models are 50% smaller in size compared to those of competing brands.

External water pump

Qclone uses an external water pump that constantly sprays water to your clones through high pressure misting nozzles.

3l water reservoir

Qclone features a 3 liter water reservoir that easily adjusts to room temperature. Besides, the reservoir is made of light material for easier handling.

40-50 micron drops

40-50 micron drops from the nozzles ensure efficient distribution of oxygen, water and nutrients to your clones for easier absorption.

younger cuttings

Qclone is able to utilize younger cuttings, as small as 3 CM, enabling you to maximize fully on your mother plants.

high pressure system

Our aeroponic machine’s high pressure system cools the water in the reservoir by about 1°C lower than the room temperature, creating a perfectly chill environment for fast root development.

Detachable planting tray

Qclone has a Pik’n Plant™ detachable planting tray design that allows you to move the clones around in the cutting and planting stages without the need to carry the water reservoir.

energy efficient

Qclone’s external water pump is energy efficient, consuming only 16 W of power every hour.  Furthermore, the pump does not heat your water, thus eliminating the need to switch off the pump to prevent overheating.

environmentally friendly & virus free

All the plastic components of Qclone are made of recycled BPA-free, high quality ABS plastic that is not only environmentally friendly but also virus and fungal free.

Our aeroponic machine comes with a 1 year warranty which takes care of any problems that may arise within the first year of use.

Qclone is designed to be used indoors and at any time/season of the year as long as the right temperatures for clone development are maintained.

Directions for Use

Remove the cloner from its packaging and assemble it using the simple instructions found in the manual. This should take you less than 5 minutes.

Take the cutting from your favorite plant.

Place the insert and cutting in the machine

Fill the reservoir with water. For operation, the reservoir needs 3 liters of water.

Place your cutting inside a neoprene insert

Plug Qclone to your power source and that’s all.

With Qclone, results are visible in just a matter of days. Typically, roots start to develop within 2-3 days.